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Santas little helpers, get to work!

The creative process is flowing. Beer is flowing. And the ink is flowing.

The latest project in the making is this board game that perhaps might turn into a real product one day. At the moment its a personal little project to keep my party guests entertained. Its’ themed around the current pandemic and turns a hopeless era into a fun activity for the whole family. Humor is the best medicine!

Your mission will be to get three vaccine shots before everyone else, but on the way you will need to overcome obstacles like quarantine or an old man sneezing you in the face. Because in pandemic times, anything can happen…

Make each day count

I have been building websites for as long as I can remember. It’s not really a passion, but it keeps my mind occupied while dreaming of bigger missions. And also, I’m somewhat good at it.

Because of how the world is built and the fact that I’m an entrepreneur at heart, I had to jump on the crazy train like everybody else. Time after time I tried all sorts of business ideas, but none of them really took off. Some worked quite decently, but not enough to overcome my hunger for real challenges. The motivation needed to persist with all these boring products just wasn’t there.

Thats was when I decided – no more.

Join me on this interesting quest in creating some freakishly awesome products. If people don’t consider you to be crazy, then you’re not dreaming big enough!