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Shaping the future

Over the years I have worked in almost every field from retail and tourism to digital development and manufacturing. But what does it all matter if it doesn’t make a permanent impact?

Now is the time for me to push the boundaries and research ideas, develop products and shape the future!

Daniel Nikolajsen

satellite tracking antenna

SATRAN satellite tracker

The affordable and amazingly popular satellite tracking antenna with smartphone app, for use by ham radio operators and space enthusiasts. Sells out faster than I can restock.

snygg t-shirts

Digital marketing

A popular book (in Swedish) about search engine optimization and digital marketing, bought and read by many hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and marketers.


Image hosting

“Bildtagg” is one of the most popular image hosting sites in Sweden, with approximately 100 000 visitors every month. It allows you to share your images online, sorted by popular tags.

snygg t-shirts

Youtube channel

There is always something going on in my workshop, and at my youtube channel you can check out my latest builds and crazy contraptions. Don’t forget to subscibe!

boka underhållare för fest


A swedish marketplace for artists, entertainment and everything you could wish for your next event.

“Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.”