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Over the years I have worked in almost every field possible. But now it is time for me to push the boundaries and develop digital services that have a real impact.

Daniel Nikolajsen

Some of my current projects…

WOOP BOARD planning tool

Woop Board

The awesome online tools for planning your work and life, using the scientifically validated WOOP strategy. Never loose track of your goals again.

boka underhållare för fest


A Swedish marketplace with artists, entertainment and everything you would want for your next event. Catering for your wedding or a funny magician, we have it all.



One of the most popular image hosting sites in Sweden, with over 50 000 visitors every month. Its a service that allows you to share your images online on forums and other websites. Tag your images and sort them in galleries.

Bäst i test listor

Toppa Listan

A neat little website where you can create, view and vote on toplists of any subject, ranging from the tallest mountains to the best restaurants. Dare to compare!

satellite tracking antenna

SATRAN satellite tracker

The open source satellite tracking antenna with smartphone app, for use by ham radio operators and space enthusiasts. Finally space communications available to all.

The amazing guide
to digital marketing

A popular book (in Swedish) about search engine optimization and digital marketing, bought and read by several hundred aspiring entrepreneurs and marketing professionals.

“Don’t become a wandering generality. Be a meaningful specific.”